March 31, 2016

Dear Aria {six months in}

Dear Aria,

Have you really been in my arms for half a year? The days and nights have sped past.

It becomes increasingly obvious to me that you are your own little person, separate from me. Most of the time you seem quite content to do your own thing, at home playing happily alone with only quick check-ins from mama. (Mama pauses to watch you in wonder far more than you are aware.) This week I left you with kind strangers [to you] in the church nursery for the first time. As I walked away from the room, you were sitting straight and tall without assistance, playing and smiling. It stung a little. I admit it was somehow satisfying when, after half an hour or so, your number appeared on the sanctuary screen, my signal that you still do want to be close to me.

Your unique personality emerges more each day. You have definite preferences for specific toys and books. You study those books with the patience of a child much older, and with the seriousness of a scholar. You lean toward and even kiss people you love. You generally prefer thinking and observing, but when you feel comfortable, you sing, babble, and squeal with the best of them. Your daddy and I often remark that your personality seems much like both of ours—more cerebral, usually biased toward being in our own heads over interacting. Before you were born, we half-jokingly prayed you’d lean toward artsy introversion. We said we wouldn’t know what to do with an athlete or a social butterfly!

But you’re still so young. Your personality and preferences will likely evolve enormously over the coming years. After all, your now-reticent mama used to perform solo song and dance routines on the empty stage of the big city mall as a child, demanding attention from passersby.

No matter what it blooms into, your developing personality is beautiful. If you like books and music and art, if you scribble away in a journal for sport and prefer the company of wildflowers to your boisterous elementary peers—I love it. If you like skateboarding or horseback riding or basketball or making everyone watch you do magic tricks—I love it. You may end up being vastly different from your daddy and me in every way we can think of. We pray that God gives us wisdom and humility to help you nurture that fascinating personality into its fullest for Him.